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Introduction: there is much knowledge about cheongsams. If you don’t know cheongsams before, then this article can give you some references and this can also help you browse the information quickly in 30 seconds. This article is mainly written about the style, collar, fabric, color, patterns and pankous of the Chinese dresses. Now let’s have a look at this information together.



Style of cheongsams:
There are many different styles of cheongsams. If we divide them from the styles of the cardigans, they can be divided into cheongsams with Ruyi collar, pipa lapel, cheongsams with surplice, and those double breasted cheongsams are also very popular. Collars can also be divided into low collar, standing collar and high collar. And the cuffs can be divided into long sleeves, short sleeves, and sleeveless; while the slits can be divided into high slits, low slits. In addition, they can also be divided into long Chinese dress, short Chinese dress and so on.
The styles of Cheongsam will change according to the sleeve, lapel and slits.
The styles of the sleeves can be divided into wide sleeves, narrow sleeves, middle sleeves, and short sleeves.
The styles of the cardigans can be divided into round lapels, straight lapels, square lapels and pipa lapels.
The round lapel cheongsam has straight smooth lines.
The cheongsams with straight lines can be suitable for those women who have round faces. Because of that this kind of Chinese dresses can make them slender.
The square lapel cheongsams have made bold evolutions, so this kind of dresses is suitable for those women who have different shapes of faces.
The cheongsams with pipa lapels are also very popular. In addition, there are also cheongsams with double round lapels.
Collars of cheongsams:
The collars can be divided into general collar, penguin collar, impatiens collar, water drops collar, horseshoe collar and so on. These are all divided according to the shapes of the collars. In addition, the standing collar can also be chosen if you like this feel.
Fabric of cheongsams:
The main fabrics of cheongsams are silks, brocade, georgette, velvet and other fabrics. Those cheongsams made of silks are the most popular on the market. If you are going to buy a cheongsam in winter, then you can choose one made of velvet, because this fabric can keep people warm in the cold temperature.
Color of cheongsams:
The common red cheongsams have bright colors and delicate styles, which can show the beauty of the historical culture. And this kind of dresses can be used to show the unique charm of the oriental women.
Patterns of cheongsams:
The most common patterns of the modern cheongsams are the designs made of brocade. The patterns can be two fish, flowers and so on. And the technique of Chinese ink picture has also been used into the patterns of the cheongsams.
Buttons of cheongsams:
The buttons of cheongsams can also be called as pankous. They are made by those thin cloths. And they are different from those modern buttons. Because of that this kind of buttons can be made into different shapes.

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