Cheongsam Is The Jewel Of Chinese History

Introduction: to cheongsam, I always have a special feeling. I still remember the scene when I read the articles wrote by Eileen Chang, I will pay attention to those women wearing cheongsams. Because of that I can find a common feature in these articles. There are many women wearing cheongsams interpreting different kinds of lives. When we are reading these articles, we can start to imagine, imagine those different psychological characteristics of those elegant women. By the way, cheongsam can also be viewed as the favorite clothes to Eileen Chang.

Delicate Cheongsam

Delicate Cheongsam

Yes, many famous Chinese women love wearing cheongsams. When Eileen Chang wears the cheongsam, she is glamorous and enchanting, but at the same time she can also give us the feeling that she has been flourishing after the vicissitudes of life. Though we may have seen the cheongsam before, we can still find a different feeling from Eileen Chang, just like the personalities of Chang, which can always be a secret. Eileen Chang played subtle changes with different colors, different cheongsams. All these can be viewed as the interpretation of her life. Her Chinese dresses have interpreted her unique life, just like her life, which was gorgeous once upon a time and then became flat. Those cheongsams can give people infinite reverie.

I love cheongsam and I also have the opportunity to come to Shanghai, the origin city of cheongsams. The mystery of cheongsam has become a beautiful dream to me. And I even like it as religion worship. But I also understand that with the progress and the development of the times, there are more and more fashionable dresses have been sprung, cheongsams can only be the flowers in my dreams. And I can not really realize the love of cheongsams. Because even I have one cheongsam, I have few opportunities to wear it. So I can just bury the beautiful cheongsam dream in my heart, and enjoy it occasionally. A clothing designer once said: “the dress can be viewed as a face of the city.”Cheongsams have been made due to the southern women’s exquisite figures, so this dress has been the iconic dress of Shanghai. Maggie Cheung wearing a cheongsam in the show In the Mood for Love, we can feel the elegant temperaments in the sad melody. Her hands have distributed the charm of mature women. She is so noble and elegant. I can still remember the scene and the feeling she gave me. She was so beautiful in the cheongsam, I will never forget about this. In our minds, cheongsams are made for those women who have delicate figures, for those women who want to be beautiful. Cheongsams are not made for someone, if you are beautiful in the dress, you will be the master of it.

Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung

Eileen Chang has said that only those people who really love cheongsams can appreciate the delicate details of cheongsams. Though I am not a famous woman, I still want to learn the beauty of these traditional Chinese dresses. I have imagined that I wear a cheongsam and walk on the alley made of green stones, holding an umbrella, letting my thoughts drift leisurely. After hesitating for a long time, I finally manage to buy that piece of cheongsam, putting it in the closet, holding it out of the closet occasionally and carefully. At this moment, I will wear this dress and wear a makeup and a classical chignon, walking with paces slowly, which can also be the interpretation of the little girl’s charm, which can be gentle, elegant and classical. When people talk about the cheongsams, we may always think about something delicate or something attractive, because only these beautiful words can show our love to the cheongsams.

I love cheongsams so much and all these feelings have been buried deeply in my heart. This can be viewed as my feelings to those old stories. To make these feelings known by my generations, I even want to leave a memory, which is about the elegance of the Chinese dresses. Cheongsams are the representatives of ancient dresses. If you like this kind of dress, that is to say, you also fall in love with the elegance of history. No matter how the world changes, cheongsams are always the most beautiful flowers in my heart.


  1. Hello my dear friend Catherine! You always write so elegantly as a lady who knows not only fashion, but even more so that you can convey to the rest of us ladies how fashion relates to the very heart and soul of being a woman. You have such a wonderful gift that you share with all of us ladies. Now I can understand how fashion relates to my true expression as a beautiful woman. Thank you! Very sincerely, your dear friend Lisa!

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