Chinese dress is really beautiful, but wrong choice can be really stupid.


Introduction: Cheongsams are the garments which can highlight the advantages and characteristics of those Chinese women, they are graceful and restrained, noble and elegant. But if we unlock a couple of buttons, or change the height of the slit, the sense of flirting can be developed at once. So cheongsam is honey to somebody as well as the arsenic for the other people, which should be treated differently. The cheongsams should be chose according to the occasions, the ages and the statures. Only in this way can you wear your exclusive style with those seemingly popularity dresses. Because sometimes, though the dress is really beautiful, if you wear the wrong collocation, it might be really stupid.


Floral Cheongsam

Floral Cheongsam

Recently, our first lady Peng Liyuan’s a series of photos of Chinese dresses have caused wide attention around the world, known as the “Li Yuan style”. Peng Liyuan was really elegant when she dressed in the cheongsam and she can give people the dignified feeling. This action has pushed the cheongsam to the cusp of fashion of the traditional clothing of China once again. Cheongsams can really show the advantages and characteristics of oriental women, because those clothes are graceful, restrained, noble and elegant. And you can unlock a couple of buttons, and change the height of the slits, so in this way the deep sense of flirting style can be shown again. So cheongsam can be called as honey and arsenic at the same time, they need to be treated differently due to the occasions, the age and the statures. You can wear your own style with those amazing cheongsams.
The minefield of the cheongsams
First minefield: high slits of the cheongsams
In the traditional Chinese aesthetics, the height of the cheongsam slits directly determines the moral outlook level of the cheongsams. In the early 20th century Shanghai, the gradual rise of the Chinese dress had even been criticized as being a prostitute by some people. Actually, with the passage of time, no matter in which era, cheongsam can bring specific reserved and gentle feelings for the oriental women. Though in the sexy part, it can also reveal an attitude as black Venus. My suggestion is that if you don’t need to do a performance with those cheongsams with high slits, you can give up. Because high slits dresses can be called as slatternly dresses.
The second minefield: the figure just like wrapped dumplings
The beauty of Cheongsams is highly pointed at the fit beauty in appropriateness, but if you show your shape defects when you wear this dress, it might be really embarrassing. For example, the pants are a little tight, which can make some tighten trace on the body. If you usually wear loose clothes or those with crisp fabric, they can cover these problems. But when you wear the cheongsam, every lines will be shown directly, because cheongsam is really tight. The beauty of the cheongsam is just to show the charm of your body itself. So, when you choose a tight cheongsam, it’s very difficult to disguise the flaws of body. In this case, what should we do? The first point is that you can’t choose those too tight dresses to wear. The second point is that you can wear the underwear backing inside the cheongsams on those formal occasions.
The third minefield: how to deal with a bent back
Even like the actress Chen Hao who wears the perfect effect of cheongsams, if she doesn’t have elegant postures, she will also seem strange in the cheongsams. Some girls may be hunchbacked, who we are not talking about. Those tough girls who want to be elegant to wear a cheongsam as fair ladies, if they walk with the large length stride, or throw off their arms time to time, these actions can all show their true personalities immediately.
The fourth minefield: Unlock the buttons
The way of unlocking buttons when you are wearing cheongsams, the embarrassing point is just like the one with high slits. So far, I have not ever seen one lady wear like this in normal circumstances. Because most of us think that wearing a Chinese dress to unlock the buttons will not be really beautiful. Expect the picture of Eileen Chang in the “Contrasts “. If you want to wear the same effect just like Eileen Chang to wear unbutton cheongsams with your own characteristic as well as charm, unless you have the frivolous unruly, having the talent which can help you challenge the world.
The fifth minefield: Large flowers patterns
Many European and American stars will choose cheongsams with large flowers when they make the interpretation of our cheongsams. They may prefer to choose large flowers to be the patterns, plus the unabated printing fashion trend of this year; I believe that there will be many people choose cheongsams with large flower patterns after this summer. But in fact exaggerated printing or pop pictorial are not tractable for the cheongsams. Because of that we oriental women have the different features from the European women and those from the United States. Big flower will grab off the facial features of us.

Every woman has one dream about cheongsam in her heart. As we all know, cheongsams can make the figure of us much more charming than usual. We all want to be the princess when we are little children, and now, as the time past, we began to hope that we can turn into a fair lady. And Chinese dresses can help us reach this dream. The characteristics of cheongsams are elegant and simple, which really fit the definition of a fair lady.

Chinese dresses have been developed from the lower class to the higher class. And we can find that cheongsams could show the real self in a good way. We should also chase the footprints of the trace of the cheongsams. This Chinese dress is made out at first in Shanghai and had been popular in a short period. Women in upper classes all like them very much. They like the designs, like the lines, like the patterns, like the styles, like the temperaments.

The skeleton of Chengdu women is smaller, which can make it easier to wear a cheongsam. They can wear the central idea of the cheongsams that “adding one more inch is too large, cutting one inch is too small”. A sexy girl cannot sure to achieve a better effect wearing cheongsam than those girls with the A cup. Because the beauty of Chinese dress is undertone rather than showing off.

Garment Edition
Chinese dress should be best customized, because the readymade edition might be difficult to fit the figure. From an economic point of view, you can also buy garments. Going to the shop is the best choice. If you have to choose the online shopping, you can first carefully measure the measurements. When you choose a cheongsam, you should choose the one with the size fitting you or better choose the one larger than your size. Because different shops may have different size tables, so you’d better to ask the customer service at first whether the size is true. If the cheongsam is a little lager than your size, you can ask someone else to modify the dress to the size fitting you well. If you choose the wrong size which smaller than your accurate size, you cannot wear the cheongsam with the best effect or even you cannot dress in it. Girls and ladies are recommended to choose those short cheongsams made of cotton cloth, which can give people the fresh feeling and make others feel that you are the girl just beside his house. In our China, the girl next door means that you are a beautiful girl who is easy going and there will be many boys love you. In other words, if you choose a short cheongsam with an appropriate hairstyle, you may become the goddess of them.

Customized version
For most of people, customized clothes may be a little troublesome. But there are a lot of advantages about such dresses. For example, you will get the most appropriate dress for yourself. No matter in the color aspect or in the size aspect. In Chengdu, there are many ordinary fabrics and a large number of good fabrics in the tailor shops. The basic price can be from few hundreds to one thousand or more. That’s according to the materials of the Chinese dresses. There are a lot of different fabrics, such as silk, cotton, linen and so on. Different fabric will have different prices. In fact, cheongsam can not only be dresses in spring and summer, but also can wear them in autumn and winter seasons. But you should custom a cheongsam with thick fabric which is suitable for autumn and winter.

Dignified and generous temperaments are the best interpretation of the Chinese Dresses
The characteristics of this kind of dress is elegant and simple, they can be subtly changed according to different occasions. If you need to attend a formal occasion, you might need a long cheongsam, because long dress can highlight your elegance in a better way. And if you are invited to a cocktail party, or a dancing party, you can choose the short cheongsams. So you can be look like a cute girl. And it is easy for you to dance to the tone. As the Chinese traditional costumes, elegance and natural can also be the interpretation of the Cheongsams. And you should keep this in your mind, no matter which kind of Chinese dresses you chose, you should pick some accessories or some other things to fit the dress as well as your hairstyles. The whole feeling is the most important.

Key number one: a standing collar
The standing collar of a cheongsam has been extended to the coat, which can give people a solemn sense, so they can be dressed in especially formal occasions.

Key number two: fit tailoring
The fitness of the Chinese dress is directly deciding the final effect of the cheongsam. Chinese dresses all believe this idea “adding one more inch can be larger, cutting one more inch can be smaller” . So in Chinese tradition, fitness is very important.

Key number three: changing into a set
A type straight dresses will have a problem that if sedentary sitting, there will be some indecent creases appearing on the abdomen, especially if the dress is using the kind of silk or cotton fabric which is easily to be wrinkled. Once you met this situation, you might feel really embarrassed. So decomposed the dress into one a set of Chinese dress, retaining all the characteristics of the Chinese dress, which can be a clever approach.

Key number four: High heels
If you are wearing cheongsams, you’d better to wear high heels. Because high heels can show the elegance of you well. If you don’t have any high heels, you can use middle heel shoes. That’s the least requirement. Because ordinary length of cheongsam is over-knee, if you don’t have any high heels to make your stature much higher, even though you have slim legs, the whole image of figure would still be strange. High heels can make you higher and much beautiful than those flat shoes. And once you wear the high heels, you have to walk upright, which can make the posture much more attractive as well. And high heels are the representative of sexy, if your dress is not so sexy, you can add the sexy point from the high heels. What we need is the whole feeling. Though the Chinese dress is the most beautiful dress around the world, if you wear wrong collocations, it might still be depressing.

All the tips above I mentioned, you can read as a reference. Indeed, you should choose the dress according to your own appetite. If you only like garment instead of customized dresses, you can also choose them from online shops.

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