Chinese Marriage Traditions

Chinese Wedding

Chinese marriage traditions have changed and progressed over the centuries. In ancient China, men were permitted to have many concubines following their first marriage. Arranged marriages were common and many parents were anxious to marry off daughters. However, polygamy has since been outlawed in China, and young couples today select their own spouses. Many ancient traditions, though, still permeate marriages in China.

In China, red signifies joy, love and prosperity and is a popular color for wedding attire and decorations.

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The date for a Chinese wedding is chosen according to the lunar calendar. The day and month must be lucky and fit well with the couple’s astrological signs.

Time Frame
It is customary for a marriage to begin on the half hour rather than on the hour. This ensures that the hands of the clock are on an upswing for the first minutes of the couple’s life together.

The Chinese symbol for double happiness is used in decorations, on invitations and on money envelopes for a Chinese wedding, and is an important aspect of ensuring a happy marriage.

The Marriage Bed
It is traditional for the couple’s marriage bed to be provided by their parents. This includes the comforter, sheets and other bedding.

A Chinese wedding is typically followed by an elaborate feast featuring a 12-course meal.

The qipao in red is the standard wedding dress for Chinese bride.

YHZ Women's Red Satin Two Piece V Collar Chinese Long Wedding Dress

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