Dress Made Of Silk Is The Queen Of Clothes

When we are talking about the queen like temperaments, we can find that nothing except silk fabric can show the elegance and the noble temperaments of the women. The thin soft fabric can give people a feeling that you can only see this woman from a distance and you can not touch her. But the price of such clothes is very high, so this can also show the elegance and the noble temperaments without any effort. But do you really know the knowledge about silk? It is so elegant and soft, but why you think that this dress can be put in your closet? And why should it make you fall in love with it? Woman all like beautiful things, though the price of silk clothes is relatively higher than we could afford, there are more and more women wanting to own a silk clothes in nowadays.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric

First, we should learn something about the silk, what is the silk and how can we wear the dress beautifully. If we don’t even know what is silk actually, how can we say that we love clothes made of silk? If we want to love this kind of clothes, we should first learn more to make us fall in love with such fabric. Now let’s begin.

Silk fabric is mainly be used to refer to the mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk and so on. All these can be called as pure silk, because of that they are made by those silkworms. The original place of silk is China, in the ancient times, silk is very popular in Chinese history.

This may be difficult if you see this name at first, but when you learn more, you can find that it is relatively easy. That is to say, which kind of leaves the worm eats, the silk can be called as the name. Then we can see the name of a thing one thinks of its function, mulberry silk is the silk made by the silkworms which eat mulberry leaves, and the tussah silk is made by the silkworms feed on the leaves of oak and silkworm eat cassava leaves. Different silks can be named by this way. So we should first know which kind of plant the silkworms eat, then we can know which kind of silk it is.

The life of a silkworm is last for only 28 days. Each silkworm can vomit a hundred of meters long silk. For example, if a blouse or a cheongsam is made of silk, then it at least spends dozens of silkworm’s life to complete the dress. Silk is so hard to get, thus dresses made of such fabric is noble and mysterious.

The silk made by the silkworms is definitely being the silk. But these fabrics can not be called as mulberry silk actually. They can be divided into many types according to the performance of the silk surface and the division of the organizational structure. For example, they can be divided into the silk satin, silk georgette, silk fabric, silk yarn, and stretch silk satin and so on.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric

Silk is expensive and soft and it is the test of washing and maintenance conditions. In spite of this, she comes from natural and she has great effect on the human body. It has played a good nutritional role, especially for the skin care, and it also has many other notable features. So silk is loved by so many women.

1, soft touch, perfect skin care

Silk is known as the queen of fibers. Silk contains 18 kinds of beneficial elements to human body, which can help skin maintain the lipid membrane of the surface of the skin. Silk is one kind of protein fiber, and it also has good insulation, moisture absorption, dispersion and wet breathable function, which has the protective effect on the skin.

If we often touch with the fabric silk, it can make the skin become moist and smooth. (Once the micro business makes the Silk Mask become popular, that is just the usage of the characteristics of the silk). Those people who have better living conditions, they will pay more attention to the wear, and they also have silk pillows or towels, silk pajamas, silk dress, or other clothing made of silk materials at home.

Let me show you the most appropriate example, they say that there are a lot of stars will dress on a dress made of silk to attend the business trip, and they will carry silk towels. Stars are often removed here and there, and they need to live in the resident hotels. We could not tell that this hotel is clean or not. But if you have the silk towel, you can use sleep time to let the skin enjoy the care. To be more beautiful, you should have a silk towel at any time, or at any where.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric

2, silk has good moisture absorption and air permeability

For the air permeability and the moisture absorption of the silk, I think that those people who have worn such clothes would know what I am talking about actually. Or for those people who make the clothes made of silk fabric, they can understand. It seems that solid silk is actually more than 38% are hollow, around it, there are many small holes, so they can absorb or emit water from those small holes. Under the normal temperature, the silk fabric can help skin retain moisture, so it will not make the skin too dry.

In summer, there is a lot of sweating. And we heard that wearing clothes made of silk fabric can be cool and comfortable, so we will buy some silk clothing to wear. But when we wear, we may find that it did not cool, but more likely to be wet. In fact, this is because of that the silk fabrics have good moisture absorption, for those people who are easy to sweat, it will easily make the clothes wet with sweat. But due to the air permeability of the silk fabrics, as long as there is a little wind, the sweaty clothes will dry quickly, and it will not make you uncomfortable, or give you some kind of sticky feeling. If you wear clothes made of silk in summer, the sweat of the human body will discharge sweat and heat quickly, which makes people feel cool and comfortable.

Once you get used to the permeability of the silk fabric, which is so soft, then if you back to wear those clothes made of polyester, you will find that it’s hard for you to wear the dress anyway. Those clothes is hard to make you comfortable, because of that they don’t have the function.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric

3, some of the other widespread features

By the way, someone said that silk is sound-absorbing, vacuuming, and heat resistant and so on. They can be used to make carpets, curtains, cloth and other interior decorations. They can not only make the room spotless, but it can also keep the room quiet very well, and it can also absorb those harmful gas, dust, microbial things and so on. Interior decoration made of silk fiber can also be used to keep flame out of the room. This is just a matter of opinion. Of course, if you have enough money, you can be arbitrary willful. But if you don’t have too much money, you can not cost your money in this way. After all, silk is very rare, it is best to be used it in the right place.

Some people say that clothes made of silk can be anti ultraviolet that is because the silkworm can spit snow-white silk, which can absorb the ultraviolet light in the sunlight, and then it becomes yellow. This sounds very reasonable. But silk will be yellow with long time exposure under the sun. Well, it is obviously that this can be solved by the umbrella and sunscreen, why should we use silk to do such things?

All in all, silkworms are so hard, they are so hard to make those delicate silk. Those clothes made of silk are the Queen of all the clothes. True silk is very natural and noble. We can get happiness through the clothes made of silk.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric

On silk, there are some of the most common errors in the public’s opinion, and then I will talk to you with details.

The problem about color fading

Clothes made of silk will definitely fade slightly. If you buy the clothes from a silk clothes store and the seller told you that this is pure, and it will absolutely not fade, then we could know that she is lying to us or these clothes is made of anything except silk. Because of its physical characteristics, silk clothes will fade. After some treatments, the fade phenomenon is not so obvious.

The problem about shrink

Silk will shrink. If you bought clothes which haven’t been done with water shrinking method and it is directly made into garments, then it will probably shrink. And after you washed it once, it is hard for us to dress in it again. Therefore, before you do the purchase of silk clothes, you must ask this knowledge from the seller to find it whether it has been done with special treatment. For those clothes without special treatment, you can choose a larger size, so when it shrinks after you wash it, it can be the right size for you. And it will not shrink any more after the first time.

The problem about washing

When you are going to wash clothes made of silk, do not use those washing liquids with strong power of wash effect or those laundry soaps (such as a those liquids which will make clothes very clean), using the most common shower gel, the most common tap, do not rub the clothes too hard, and don’t expose your clothes under the sun directly. And there is absolutely no need for us to do dry cleaning.

The problem about composition

The garments made of silk is extremely expensive, those Europe and the American famous summer dresses are all made of silk. A georgette blouse can be sold with the price 2000 RMB, which is not a big thing. And those luxury goods will be much more expensive than we imagined. Those silk fabrics will be sold with the price 100 RMB per meter. If you talk about the cost of the fabric, a 1.5 meters short jacket made of this fabric. It will cost us at least two hundred RMB. And adding the costs for design, workmanship, warehousing and other things, a silk clothes can be very expensive. So, those online shops which tell us that they only sell the silk clothes made of pure silk and they only ask for 80 RMB, we can know that they are just cheat us. It is necessary for us to pay attention to, this clothes may be faked or it is just be made of silk with inferior quality. Don’t be trapped in the price trap because of the pursuit of quality.

As is known to all, when we measure the cost of a piece of clothing, the fabric is one of the most conventional parts. The ingenious design and the ingenuity of the clothes are the soul of a piece of clothing. All clothes on sale made by those famous designers will be made only one piece for each season, and they will be sold with a limitation. And it is hard for you to dress in the same dress with others. You will be very unique, or you will find the unexplored inner temperament of yourself, which is the most amazing thing.

Right, someone may say that you are beautiful or you are elegant, but you may even don’t think that. When you dress in the silk clothes, you may find your own characteristics, which is so bright but you never thought about before. Every woman has the right to be beautiful and every woman has the ability to make her be beautiful. We should own one silk clothes in our closet.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric

The vast majority people think that silk clothes are so expensive. But it has the reason to be expensive. Because it is good, it has the ability to make us comfortable. Though it is very expensive, this is just the value of it. Therefore, the majority of silk clothing is favored by women, why don’t just choose one for you right now?





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