Five Aspects About Wearing Cheongsams

These are some brief introductions about cheongsams. Elegant women all like choosing delicate Chinese dresses, and followings are some references for you. Women all want to make them be beautiful in front of others. If you wear the dress in a wrong way, it will also be very embarrassing. So If you want to hold the cheongsams well, you must pay attention to these five aspects:

Delicate cheongsam

Delicate cheongsam

1. No matter you are tall or not, those knee length cheongsams are better than those floor length cheongsams, because they are lighter, which can make it easier for you to walk. And this can give you more chances to choose beautiful shoes. And those short cheongsams can show your sexy legs well.
2. Fabric can be viewed as the focus of competition in the field of fashion. Because of that the styles of cheongsams are fixed basically, so whether the design of the dress is successful or not can be decided by the choices of the fabrics. Fabric should be bought from those formal fabric business shops, or those specialty stores. You can buy cheongsams from the professional dress custom shops. Although the price such dresses is higher than those common dresses, it won’t make you look like a country girl.
3. Don’t think that when you wear the cheongsams, you can only choose those simple hairstyles. Though the formal hairstyles can be safe for any occasions, it will be conservative and old fashioned. Those short haired women can choose high collared cheongsams. A little disharmonious can make the whole image be even more beautiful and delicate.
4. You can choose pearl necklaces as the decorations. Or you can also choose those jade bracelets. They are all the traditional couples of cheongsams. But in nowadays, people love choosing delicate and shiny watches. It can show us the sparks with the collocation of cheongsams.
5. Don’t buy those cheongsams from the stream of the shopping mall. You can go to those Chinese specialty shops or those professional custom cheongsam studios to buy cheongsams. They have unique fabrics, fine clipping skills and the most important thing is that nobody will wear the same dress with you.
All women love choosing cheongsams as their formal dresses to attend some important parties. These traditional Chinese dresses can show the woman’s beauty very well. The slit of the dress can be viewed as the most important thing to show the charm of women.


  1. I am damn love the Chinese dresses because these are very unique and stylish. I am agreed with you that if we like to wear this kind of dress than the concept of dressing should be clear. The five aspects are very useful for us for perfect dressing of cheongsams. It will help us to look beautiful and fabulous! Superb post! Thanks to share!

    Adena Harel

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