How to choose a perfect bag to match a Cheongsam?

When we are envy about those beautiful girls who wearing amazing cheongsams, we want to wear those delicate dresses ourselves. But at that time, we will also feel confused about the collocation of the cheongsam. How to choose a perfect bag to match with the Chinese dress can be a problem for us.
Choosing a Chinese dress is easier than to choose an appropriate bag to match with the dress. And if you want to just wear the Chinese dress to go out, that may be very strange, because it will be really monotonous.
And here we can invite Lu Lijuan, who loves to share her experience about how to choose an appropriate bag to match the Chinese dress. There are three tips I want to give you guys. If you follow these three tips, then you can find an appropriate bag to match with your Chinese dress.

First: we should pay attention to the style of the bags
Please put away your big bag, business bag. Because delicate tight Chinese dress will make the bag seem to be really large, no matter which kind of bags it is. Dapper retro purse or a delicate handbag can be a good choice.

Second: we should pay attention to the color of the bag
Monochrome cheongsam is relatively easy to make collocation with, you can just choose the same color of the cheongsam or some harmonious color can make the whole feeling become very good. If you are chasing the pursuit of elegant, the color of the bag should be similar with the cheongsam, such as purple, pale purple dress can be matched with a handbag; if you are chasing the pursuit of lively and bright atmosphere, you can try to use two different colors, that is, contrasting colors, such as sky blue dress matched with a pink handbag.
You can try to choose one color which existing in the dress patterns, as the color of the bag. For example, the Chinese dress is yellow, and then yellow or red handbag can be selected.
Black, white, gray are universal colors, no matter what the color is, you can easily choose a bag to match with the dress. This pack of three colors is cool colors, which can be used to match the dress, which can be especially beautiful.
Tan, brown, coffee colored bags are more suitable for those Chinese dresses with warm colors, such as yellow Chinese dresses, orange Chinese dresses and so on, which can leave a magnificent mature impression.
So, when you are choosing a bag to collocate with your dress, you should pay much attention to the colors. Then how to choose the right one can be decided according to your own taste as well as your cheongsam.

Third: we should also pay attention to the texture of the bag
Compared to the leather made purses, the kind of handmade with decorated with pearls, tassels and other delicate elements can allow you to make the collocation be more beautiful and eye-catching.

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