How to choose appropriate bags to match with the cheongsams?

Many women may envy those ladies wearing amazing cheongsams, and they also want to wear Chinese cheongsam, but at this time, they may feel upset about the collocation of the dress. So which kind of bags can be used as the collocation of cheongsams? Because of that the style of such dress is so unique and elegant. So, when the fair ladies may feel confused about how to choose the right bag to collocate with her cheongsam?
Then we can learn the experience from MS. Lu Lijuan, she shared her knowledge about the collocation of cheongsams.

First: you need to pay attention to the style of the bag.
Please pack your large bags, business bags and other casual bags, because of that the sophisticated slinky dress may heighten the line of the large bag unwieldy, neither fish nor fowl. What you should choose are the little and dainty retro bags or the handbag can also be a good choice.

Second: you need to pay attention to the color of the bag.
If you want to choose a bag to collocate with your monochrome Chinese dress, then it is relatively convenient, as long as the color of the bag keep its harmony with the cheongsam. If you have the pursuit to be elegant, then the color of the bag can be the same color system with the cheongsam, for example, if you wear a deep purple Chinese dress, then you can take a shallow purple handbag; if you have the pursuit to be bright and lively, then can try the hitting colors, or we can call them as contrasting colors, for example, if you choose a sky blue Chinese dress, you can choose a pink bag as a collocation.
If you like, you can try to choose a color from the dress patterns as the color of the bag. For example, if the Chinese dress is yellow and red, then yellow or red bags can all be selected to match with the dress.
If you don’t want to choose the color of bags, you can choose the color black, white or gray. These colors can be viewed as universal colors, so no matter what the color of the dress is, you can use white bags or black bags to match it easily. These three kinds of colors can be especially amazing if they are used to collocate with the Chinese dress with dark colors.
Beige, brown, and coffee bags are more suitable to collocate with the warm toned Chinese dresses. For example, the yellow dress, or the orange red cheongsams, some gorgeous mature impression can be leaved if you use such colored bags to match the dresses.
Third: you should also pay attention to the texture of the bag.
Compared to leather bags, those handbags made of delicate manual cloth and with pearls, tassels and other elements can make you be more perfect and eye-catching.
Only when you choose the right collocation can you be beautiful in the traditional Chinese dress. Bag is a very important element among collocations.

How to choose bags

How to choose bags

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