How To Pick Cheongsams For Those Brides


Introduction: Now here comes the wedding season, so how to choose the appropriate wedding dress and cheongsams? Let’s have a look at the dresses and learn some knowledge together.

Cheongsam For  Bride

Cheongsam For Bride

The colors of the Chinese dresses can be divided into several types. Traditional red color can be used for those older brides, because red color can show the bride’s prudent generous temperaments. Rose red color: this color is for younger bride, because the stature of their skin is much better than others. And the skin itself is very good. Lining to rose red can make the bride look young and beautiful. Deep red color is suitable for those women who have stable characteristics and intellectual temperaments. White color is suitable for those women who will pay more attention to the quality of life and those brides who have rich lives. Or they can use large area of silver sequins, which can be very elegant. While the color yellow and orange can be suitable for the brides who are not conservative, they may consider using such color.

There is something which we need to know is about the styles of the Chinese dresses and the figures of the brides. For those brides whose figures are slim, they are not suitable to wear those sexy cheongsams. And for those fat brides, they are suitable to wear those X shape Chinese dresses, which can be used to cover the plump hip of the bride and in this case, the bride seems to be slimmer. While for those slim brides, they are also suitable for those brides whose characteristics are lively and outgoing. So it will be more comfortable for them when they stand and walk. Generally speaking, the cheongsams are just made for those slender women. However, this conclusion is wrong. All of us can wear the delicate cheongsams, unless you don’t like them. If you like the dress, you can find more ways to make it suitable for you, right? So only when you love the dress, the dress can love you too. Don’t choose those just expensive dresses. Some cheap dresses can also be good. But when you pick the cheongsams, you should pay attention to the brand of the dresses, whether you have listened before or not. And you should also pay attention to the quality of the Chinese dress to avoid buying wrong dresses.

The new kind of cheongsams has been changed from longer to shorter. For example, the cheongsams have been cut to the knee. So though the girls’ height may not so slender, she can also be very beautiful when she dressed in this cheongsam. For those women whose legs are shapes are relatively slender, the cheongsam can be used as a great form to heighten the advantages of girl’s figure. Another important element of the new Chinese dresses is the colorful designs, which can be used to represent the happiness. And such dresses are suitable for the bride whose facial color is relatively black, which can make them mire shiny and attractive. And the collar shape of the cheongsam can be decided according to the dace shape of the bride. Those brides who have elegant temperaments and long necks are suitable to wear the high collar Chinese dresses. While those brides whose necks are shorter, they are more suitable to choose those no collar dresses.

When you choose the fabric of the cheongsam, you can put rayon and polyester fabrics aside and don’t think about them. Because of that Chinese dresses made of such fabrics are easy to be electrostatic. If you are going to get married in spring or in the summer, then you should consider choosing the clear and thin material such as silk. And the color of the dress should not be too dignified. If you are going to get married in winter, then the best selection of the fabric can be the brocade. Such fabric can also be used to show the luxury of the wedding.

When you choose the Chinese dresses, the best choice for you is to make an slit on the back side of the dress, which can make it convenient for the brie to take off the dresses. And the most important thing is that it can be more convenient for the brides to do some modification to the dresses. For example, you can make the dress shorter and wear it again after you get married. Or you can also wear the dress in the annual wedding anniversary or other occasions. Or if the bride be fatter after the wedding, she can ask some tailors to do some modifications to the dresses. If the dress has two slits on both sides, then it will not be so convenient for you to do the modifications.

Along with the development of the cheongsams, we can find that the Chinese dresses have been more and more popular. As Chinese people, we need to have the confidence to wear the dresses which belong to us. But we could not just be what we are, and the cheongsams could not just be retro. We should combine the retro style and the modern style to create a better dress. And we need treat carefully with the Chinese dresses. And the innovation of the dresses should be treated as well. For example, Chinese lotus sleeves can be completely absorbed in. And the choice of the neckline can be chosen according to the characteristics of individual as well as personal preferences. If you think cheongsams are too formal, then you can take a layer of gauze outside the dress, which can make the dress looming and be more attractive. As for the use of color, we can also be bold. We can use more than one color. Now, the style of the dress should be made according to the fusion of the collocation and the changes. BY the way, we can pay more attention to the innovation of the Chinese dresses.



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