How to Pin a Wedding Dress Train

Wedding Dress #32001510Brides often pin or bustle the train of their wedding dress after the ceremony and before the reception begins. Typically, a bride pins up the train on the dress to make it easier to walk and dance throughout the reception. The most common way to bustle the dress is in an overbustle, which pulls the train up and pins it to a higher point on the dress.

  1. Hang your wedding dress on the hangar. Spread the train out to resemble how it will look when you are wearing it.
  2. Identify the center point of the train from left to right and the center point from top to bottom.
  3. Push a straight pin through the center point of the train and pick the train up, bringing it to the waist area of the dress. Pin the train to the dress to see how it looks. If the waist area is too high, unpin the dress from the waist and try pinning it to another point on the dress, such as the point where the dress of the skirt ends and the train begins. Since each dress and train are different, continue to move the train around until it is in a position that looks how you want it to look on the day of your wedding.
  4. Sew the eye part of the hook on the part of the dress you want to hook the train, and also sew the hook on the train. For longer or fuller trains, you should and may need to attach more than one eye and hook. If this is the case, sew one on each side of the center part of the train, approximately 1 inch apart from each other.

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