How to Take Amazing Photos in Cheongsam

If you do not want to be too common when you are taking photos, which method can be used to make yourselves like goddesses? Have you ever thought about this question? We may find that once we are taking photos, good ideas can not occur to us. So the photos may look very dull.

You can wear the cheongsam and the high heels to show your beautiful figures. No matter where you go, you can create a beautiful scene. At this moment, you may particularly want to take out your mobile phone and save this beautiful moment forever. As a girl, I know all the girls want to save this in a picture. So they can look at the photo again when they are getting older.

But most people have an annoying problem that the cheongsam is very elegant and beautiful, but when they put the dress on, they find that there is always a lack of feeling in the picture. So followings are some suggestions which I want to give you to make you be more amazing in your photos.



First: soft posture can be much better
We have to show the feminine feelings when we are taking classical styled pictures. By the way, you’d better not do those powerful actions.

Second: a sexy sitting position can help us a lot
When we look at Chinese dresses, we can often find high split ends on them, which can make it easier to show our legs. The photographer will also intentionally let the model do some “sitting and lying” posture to show the beauty.
At this point, we should focus on our lower legs. We can focus our energy on them and put our thighs as close as possible. On the one hand, it can prevent wardrobe malfunction. On the other hand, it can help you not be too rude.

Third: Expose eyebrows and eyes to prevent messy hair
We should not only pay attention to our figure and expression, we should also pay attention to the dress and hairstyle when we are taking photos. Especially in the external scene, hairstyle is very important. Hair can be blown by the wind easily. If our hair is in a mess, it is very difficult for us to make a good hairstyle. So we can also do some retro hair styling in this case. Of course, we can also choose a shawl style. But we must use stereotyped water, wig and other things to increase the firmness of the hair. At the same time, it will not destroy the natural effect of the hairstyle.

Fourth: The sitting posture can be charming or lively
If we choose a short cheongsam, when we have a position to sit down, we should pay special attention to the legs. Because the proper posture can avoid “wardrobe malfunction”. It can also make the body look slender.
We can put our legs in the same side, which can be a good way to make our body more stereoscopic. You can also put your legs high and low, which can make the photo be more amazing.



Fifth: We should be good at using small props with bright colors
When we are taking photos outside. Some small props can help us to make more beautiful poses. And we may feel more comfortable if we do like this. Especially when we are inexperienced, these small props can improve our unnatural expressions. At the same time, these small props can also be used as decoration when you are taking photos. Especially those bright colored props can make the picture be better.

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