How to wear a Chinese dress in an elegant and low-key way?

Personally I think that autumn and winter are the most suitable seasons for wearing a cheongsam, if you want to win the looming beauty, then you needs some cloth to cover your skin. In summer, if you wear the Chinese dress in a too straightforward way, then you may attract the attraction from the pedestrians accidentally. While in autumn and winter, when you wear a cheongsam, you can use shawl, coats, and sweaters to match the cheongsam. Or if you want to be fashionable, you can also use denim jacket, suits and so on to reveal the delicate neck decorated by the stand collar. Implicit split is not very ostentatious, but it is really tasteful. For those girls who want to wear the Chinese dresses in an elegant and low key way, you can have a look at this article, which is mainly talking about the collocation of overcoat and Chinese dress.

dark blue cheongsams + red overcoat

Dark blue cheongsams + Red overcoat

Among so many clothes, the most suitable thing can be the overcoat. Because it can be worn can from the early autumn all the way through to the winter. And the long overcoat is more fashionable. Though if you have a short stature, you don’t need to feel afraid about thing matter, and you can wear high-heeled shoes, with a knee length overcoat, which can keep you warm and show the beautiful appearance. And generally those people who do not pay top much attention to you when you are walking on the streets, they are not aware that you are wearing a Chinese dress, then when they figure it out, thank gods, that is the discovery of the surprise.

colorful cheongsam + black overcoat

Colorful cheongsam + Black overcoat

There are so many people who love the beauty which is sent by the oriental women, and the Chinese dress can be one weapon for us. Only when we are more beautiful in the cheongsams then can we show our Chinese traditional clothes culture to the whole world. Black is a never out of trend color, it will never be out of date, and it can be used to match with any color. So you can choose a Chinese dress. Such amazing coat can not only be used to collocate with a cheongsam, but it can also be worn in your daily life. If the weather is not so cool, then you can just wear a single paragraph of the cheongsam. When the weather turns cold, you can take the thickened cheongsam as the dress, even the dress can be collocated with large showy flowers. You can hold the dress very well. So if you don’t want to make any mistakes, you can try the color black. The black overcoat can help you to be more elegant and low key.

lattice cheongsam + dark yellow overcoat

Lattice cheongsam + Dark yellow overcoat

In this autumn and winter, there are all black single goods. But if you want to change a beautiful shiny color, it is also feasible. The coat in the upper part looks simple and generous, so it is very suitable to be collocated with the Chinese dress, which can also be very beautiful. Because I like the collocation, so I choose some pictures of the overcoats to show you. Many models have the preference for the collocation of overcoat and cheongsams as well. The overcoat, no matter the style is having no collar or having a small collar is, or having a small collar and lapel, they are all beautiful and dainty.

Dark blue cheongsam + dark green overcoat

Dark blue cheongsam + Dark green overcoat

black cheongsam + red overcoat

Black cheongsam + Red overcoat

For the Chinese red coat, the line is stiff and straight, and the wide lapels can make the shoulder line be softer. Red color is the representative of happiness in Chinese traditional culture. So if you want to try the Chinese dress, you can try on the red cheongsams. These kinds of dresses are very suitable for those who have wide shoulders. As for the green design with the shoulder pads, for those women who have wide shoulders can try. This dress can increase the spirit of vibration, and it can enhance your temperaments. In addition, not only such goddess like dress is favored by the oriental beauty, the style which is relatively sweet is also suitable for those fashionable women to wear. Those girls who like art, they like lattice coat more, and such coat is also very suitable to match with the dress.

Dark blue cheongsam + light purple overcoat

Dark blue cheongsam + Light purple overcoat

lattice cheongsam + lattice overcoat

Lattice cheongsam + Lattice overcoat

This is a very common match, for those girls who likes cheongsams but do not want to be too ostentatious, they can give it a try. It is sure that you will be very beautiful. By the way, I found two elegant cheongsams which are favored by those girls who like Chinese dresses. They dress in such cheongsams in the winter snow day, which can be understated, elegant and intellectual (all sweet words can be placed here). So last I want to ask you a question, do you like this collocation?

Dark red cheongsam + black-grey overcoat

Dark red cheongsam + Black-grey overcoat

Red lattice cheongsam + dark blue overcoat

Red lattice cheongsam + Dark blue overcoat


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