How To Wear An Appropriate Cheongsam In A Better Way?

Beautiful Cheongsam

Beautiful Cheongsam

If  an elegant woman dressed in an appropriate Chinese dress, then the dress would be like a little flowing stream, and it can make the woman be beautiful just like a flying butterfly. For such women, how to wear an appropriate Chinese dress could also be a question. Then let’s have a look at the main points about how to wear a Chinese dress in a better way.

1, if you are an older lady or you are going to attend some grand occasion, the length of the cheongsam should be longer than the knee, or just choose a long Chinese dress. But if you wear the dress in your daily lives, you can wear the short dresses.

2, you could follow the principle that floral patterns should be collocated with light colored accessories. If the pattern of the cheongsam is colorful, then the other accessories should be simple as far as possible. For example: Floral cheongsam should be collocated with a waistcoat or a shawl.

3, you’d better not to wear the black shoes, or if you have the conditions, you can wear the embroidered silk or velvet satin shoes, and a pair of red leather shoes could be chosen to wear, but the glowing leather shoes should be placed in the final consideration.

4, when you wear a cheongsam, you should pay attention to wear a pair of light colored pants socks to help you prevent the embarrassment when others see the head of the sock from the slit of your cheongsam. This will be very unsightly. In addition, the size of your bra or your underwear should be correct and it should fit you very well. In order to make you comfortable, this is the most important rule for you to choose the pants. And the color of the underwear should not be too dark, or when others see the underwear of yours, you will be very embarrassing. When you wear the sleeveless cheongsams, you should make sure that your armpit is clear. The details of the cleanliness are very important to leave a good impression to others.

5, all the actions should be paid attention to, including your talking skills as well as your acting skills, or it will be very embarrassing. Though the cheongsam is very amazing and delicate, if you do the wrong actions, you will be very strange.
So, after reading the above paragraphs, have you figured it out about how to wear an appropriate cheongsam?

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