Selections of fabrics of Chinese Cheongsams

Introduction: Different fabrics will give people different feelings about the Chinese dresses-Cheongsams. Cheongsam is the rising traditional fashion of modern Chinese women. Not like those formal traditional national costumes. It has the vicissitudes in the past with a new outside look. Chinese dress itself has a certain historical significance, in addition to a relatively high degree of appreciation. Cheongsams have the full value of a certain collection.

Fabrics of Cheongsams

Fabrics of Cheongsams

There is a very wide choice of materials for Cheongsams. Daily general wearing cheongsams can choose cotton for advocating natural and comfortable, and for those young people who like the fashion. They can purchase cotton fabric in their daily life as I mentioned above, which can be a good choice for them. In the season summer, the customers can choose printed shirting cotton, printed poplin, yarn dyed poplin, and several color poplin, all kinds of yarn, printing horizontal satin, jacquard cloth and so on, those fabrics with thin volumes. Homemade short cheongsams have the features of light, cool, beautiful and practical. While, for the seasons spring and autumn, we can choose chemical fiber or blended fabrics, such as silk, polyester silk and a variety of thin tweed fabrics.

Though these fabrics have poor permeability, the appearance of them are better than those made of cotton, they are smoother, more beautiful and more pleasing to the eye. So, in other word, this kind of fabrics is very suitable in the lukewarm season. And in recent years, there are many people choosing the Guangdong gauze, because it is very smooth, and it is also cool. In addition, they have the abilities of disinfection as well as insecticide. This kind of materials is really good for the skin because they have the characteristics of health care function. So they are loved by everyone. The difference of the fabrics of Chinese dress directly determines the comfort of clothing. In the ancient time, the cheongsams were almost made of silk fabrics, but now the materials mainly are silk, cotton, and polyester fiber.

Silk fabrics can be divided into two different kinds: ripe silk and raw silk. Raw silk is hard; the clothing made of raw silk can be crisp. The ripe silk is smoother and softer. You can feel the silk touch when you wear clothing made of ripe silk, which can be very comfortable. But as a coin has two sides, the ripe silk is fragile. Mulberry silk is a more advanced fabric in Chinese market, so the prices of the Chinese dresses are generally expensive, generally from CNY 6000 to CNY 10000.

Fabrics of Cheongsams

Fabrics of Chheongsams

Cheongsams made of cotton fabric has the features of soft and it also has good absorption and good ventilation. But the performance is not as good as the raw silk in the aspect of crisp. And the price is relatively cheap, generally from CNY200 to CNY500. And the price of cheongsams made of polyester fiber price is generally under CNY2000.

The cheongsams chosen for performance or show should be very elegant. If the dresses are wore in summer. The dress fabric can be silk crepe, silk spinning, habotai, and Hang Luo silk fabric and so on. These fabrics are soft, comfortable with lightweight. If you choose fabrics used for spring and autumn, the fabrics can be elected as satin and velvet: such as weaving brocade, antique brocade, flowers satin brocade, Georgette velvet and so on. These cheongsams made of these senior fabrics can fully demonstrate the beauty and prominent of oriental female bodies, as well as the charming gentle luxurious and elegant temperament of these beautiful women. If a little embellishment decoration can be added in the chest, collar and lapel, the cheongsams can be more dazzling.

And here is another tip, cheongsams made of raw silk are more suitable for dry cleaning, ripe silk, cotton fabric, polyester fiber are more suitable for water washing. On occasion you don’t have washing liquid by hand. Shower gel can also be used in the washing. And I want to mention that you’d better wash the cheongsams by hands, which will be good for your dresses. Because machine washing will damage the inside materials and make it not so good for the next time wearing. All of us wish to wear the first class cheongsams, so we should take all those little tips into our mind.

Different clothing fabric at the same time determines the printing and dyeing style as well as the different color. Generally speaking, mulberry silk should be printed with clean color due to the material slender. And for polyester fiber, the texture is “accommodating”, so they can be dyed with several colors. They can be colorful with some complex patterns.

In addition to the fabric of cheongsams, the Chinese dresses also have invisible “liner”. The selections of material for the liners are also very important. Nowadays, such as wear-resistant bottom liners made of cellulose acetate, copper ammonia fiber, viscose fiber, they are universal breathable and moisture wicking. They are also very comfortable. All the good feelings are added in the liners. And the consumers can ask some details or advice about them when you are in the purchase.

The cheongsam has nearly 100 years of development history in China, which is one kind of Chinese traditional culture. Some national characteristics are blended in this kind of Chinese dress, which has important meaning for the general foreign visitors. They will take a Chinese style clothes back to their countries, which is the best souvenir in China for them to take away. For foreigners, the dresses have a lot of significance. And in China, there are also a lot of women love wearing cheongsams.

In fact, wearing an appropriate cheongsam is very important. And when we are purchasing cheongsams, we should take many aspects in consideration. Such as the color and the fabric of the dress, they should all be considered. Fabric is the first gate when you are choosing one appropriate cheongsam for yourself. And I will introduce them separately in the next paragraphs.

As we all know, beautiful cheongsams need beautiful colors as well as beautiful prints. If the color is not so bright, you can choose some flower patterns or some other clear pictures to make the dresses more suitable for you. And if the color of the cheongsam is a little brighter, you can also choose some complex patterns such as dragons or other picture images you like. Only the cheongsam you like is the one fitting you the most.

Chinese style dress is about style and art. In the ancient times, the women who wearing a Chinese style dress can be elegant, fair and ladylike, which is also the attractive point of the cheongsams. There are still a lot of women like wearing the Chinese dresses. Its classical beauty is still blooming. In order to make it easily for you to choose the appropriate Chinese dress, the following is talking about attention points of the purchasing.

So, what should you pay attention to when you are making a purchase with a cheongsam seller? You can ask him the material of the cheongsam at first. Different silk will has different price, not all the same. And you can learn some knowledge before you buy cheongsams. So in this way, the seller could not cheat you about the price of the Chinese dresses. Then, the color, if you are a typically Chinese woman, you can choose light color with clear pictures, because this can make your face look brighter. Or if you are a foreigner with white color, you can choose those cheongsams made of bright colors. So this can make you look like a classical Chinese beauty. In addition, you should ask the seller, if the materials all handmade. Because in nowadays, there are more and more cheongsams can be made by machines, which should be cheaper. And cheongsams made by machines are not as good as those made by hands. Which kind of fabrics the cheongsam is made of, you should ask clearly, and you can feel the fabric at the beginning. I fit is made of silk. And it should be smooth and very comfortable. All those, you should learn before you purchasing, wish you good luck and buy an appropriate dress for yourself.

Furthermore, cheongsams are better to be customized. Wearing cheongsams not only need a good figure, but also need the appropriate size to fit, which is the key point. Size is a very important index when purchasing cheongsams. Generally, if cheongsam could not hold up, it would have a poor effect. No matter the size is larger or smaller than the size you wearing, the collocation will always be not so good looking. Unlike other clothes, which can be slightly larger, cheongsam is not the same. If the size of the cheongsam is a little larger, there is no cheongsam feeling any more. When you are telling the customer service of your size measurements, you must make it clear. Otherwise it will lose the unique characteristics of cheongsams.

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