Ten Aspects To Dress Cheongsams Well

Introduction: no matter who you are, you may have some romantic feelings inside of your heart. You may want to chase the beauty like a child, or you may want to be fresh like a flower. This can not be done like the game played by a three years old child. Only children will ask people that whether their clothes are beautiful or not. As women born in this modern era, we have culture and connotation. The makeup and the dress up don’t allow us to follow a wrong direction. By the way, no one wants to be unhappy when she is still young.

Black Cheongsam

Black Cheongsam

In this article, I want to show you some tips about choosing the right cheongsams from ten aspects. When you master these ten aspects, you can master your own cheongsams very well.

The first aspect: the color of the Chinese dress.
For those elder women, the color of the cheongsams can be slightly darker, and the styles can be looser appropriately, which can reflect the noble temperaments. For those middle-aged women, they should choose cheongsams with bright colors. The splendid and elegant fabrics can reflect the elegant and graceful characteristics of the women. For those young women, they can choose those cheongsams with gorgeous colors, which can make them lively and handsome. In order to reflect the youth and vigor, you can choose the deep red color, which is suitable for those women who are steady and smart. White color is more suitable for those women who pay much attention to the quality of life or those women who can earn much money. This kind of cheongsams can be made with a rolling red edge, or it can also use large area silver sequins, which will make you very elegant.

The second aspect: the style and the measurement of the cheongsams.
Cheongsams are the best clothes to show the beauty of the figure. So when you wear a piece of cheongsam, you should pay attention to the size of the dress. It should be close fitting and comfortable. If it is too tight, then it will make you uncomfortable when you are walking. If it is too loose, then it can not be used to show the delicate curve lines. When we dress in the Chinese dresses, we should pay attention to these three parts: chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference. The cheongsam with appropriate three circumferences can make sure that you are comfortable in the dress. At the same time, you should also check the workmanship of collar, sleeves, buttons and other details to make sure that they are all perfect, or the Chinese dress can not show your beauty to the largest extent.

The third aspect: the collar of the cheongsam and the face shape of the women.
For those women who have elegant temperaments and higher necks, they can choose those cheongsams with standing collars. And for those women whose necks are shorter then the common ones, they can choose those cheongsams without collars.

The fourth aspect: the fabric of the cheongsam.
We all know that there are so many fabrics in the fashion world. We’d better not buy those cheongsams made of rayon and polyester fabrics, because of that they are very easy to cause electrostatic phenomenon. If you want to wear those cheongsams in spring, summer, or autumn, you can consider those clear thin materials. For example, the fabric silk. And the color can not be too dignified. However, if you want to wear cheongsams in winter, the best selection can be brocade, because this fabric can keep you elegant and warm at the same time.

The fifth aspect: the collocation of cheongsams and shoes.
Try to abandon black shoes. If you have the conditions, you can wear those shoes made by silk or velvet. Some embroidered decorations can also be added to make the shoes be more beautiful and luxurious. But the leather shoes can be viewed as the last choice. The length of the cheongsams can be to the feet.

The sixth aspect: pay attention to the underwear.
When we wear the cheongsams, we should pay attention to our underwear. For example, we can wear skin colored panty stocking to make the whole image be more elegant. If you wear the common socks, it will be very embarrassing when people see the socks from the slit of the cheongsam. In addition, there is a special taboo that you could not wear a pair of trousers inside of the cheongsam to keep you warm in winter. Such collocation will completely destroy the beauty of cheongsams. The measurements of bra, underwear should be appropriate. And the color of the underwear should be covered very well. Try not to choose dark colored underwear and the color should be similar to the cheongsam. We should pay attention to the harmony and unity of the whole collocation. When you wear a sleeveless cheongsam, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the armpit.

The seventh aspect: when you wear cheongsams, you should wear light makeup.
The appropriate light makeup can modify the face shape of the woman, which can make the woman be more beautiful and sexy. What we called as light makeup is that we can use some appropriate ways to modify our face shapes, to strengthen the beauty of ourselves. The color of the makeup could be delicate and elegant, natural and harmony and this can be viewed as minor modifications and refinements of faces. Before we wear the makeup, we should clear our faces. Then we can use some mascara and some lip sticks with bright colors to emphasize the eyes and lips. Those people who has myopia symptom can wear hidden glasses. For those elder women, they can use these simple tools to put on the makeup: foundation cream, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, lipstick and so on. By the way, the most important thing is that don’t put on the makeup in public places, which can be very impolite. If you want to put on the makeup, you can go to the restroom or dressing room.

The eighth aspect: pay attention to your hairstyle when you are wearing a cheongsam.
You can design your hairstyle according to the length and thickness of your hair; you can also design your hairstyle according to your own age, image and identity and so on. You should make your hairstyle collocate well with your cheongsams. In nowadays, there are more and more women choosing kinds of wigs to dress themselves. I recommend that you can buy a wig according to your personality. The best choice is the wig which collocates well with your cheongsams. Wearing a wig, you should pay attention to cover up your original hair; otherwise if others see your wigs, persons will feel uncomfortable. And it is not beautiful at all.

The ninth aspect: you should pay attention to your posture when you are wearing a cheongsam.
Those women’s elegant postures include eating posture, standing posture, waling posture, smiling posture and so on. For those women wearing cheongsams, they should stand with a right posture, and sit with the right sitting posture. Lifting legs is unsightly. And if you speak loudly in public places or call someone loudly, these can be viewed as uncivilized behaviors. And this is incompatible with the essence of wearing cheongsams.

The tenth aspect: you should have perfect manners in the cheongsams.
For those women, charming demeanor and the appropriate appearance are more important than the than beauty. They can add infinite char for those women. So when you put on the Chinese dresses, you must be disciplined. And you should pay attention to your own temperaments. You can learn to smile; to tolerate others; to be considerate.

All these ten aspects can help you dress cheongsams well. In conclusion, we should act like a gentle woman in such delicate Chinese dresses.Those women who can only read books are just like dictionaries, though they are very good, people will only refer to them when it is necessary. Those women who can only dress them up are just like beautiful vases, if we see them for a long time, we can find that they are just vases, which can only make us feel boring. Dresses can make you beautiful and elegant, but at the same time, you should also improve your temperaments, which can make you better.







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