The Laundry and Collection of The Chinese Dresses

Introduction: Qipao is one kind of the most typical and national costumes. This kind of dress is honored as the representative of Chinese dress culture. With its natural flavor, flowing melody and rich poetry feeling, this kind of dress can show Chinese women’s most elegant and gentle feelings.  In your daily lives, how do you collect and maintain your Chinese dresses? Do you have any ideas? Now I will tell you some tips.

Chinese Dresses

Chinese Dresses

The Choice of The Chinese Dresses
When you buy such dresses, you should pay attention to the style of the dress. The dress should not only be gentle and elegant, it should also be soft and silky. In addition, you should pay attention to the fabrics as well. If you choose the right fabric, the dress can be much more suitable for you. By the way, the dresses with great circle lapel, standing collar, long sleeves, tight waistline  can be the first choice for you. The hem of the dress should below your shanks.

  • Style: the length of the long sleeved dress should be to the joint place of the wrist and elbow. The length of the middle-length dress should be over the elbow. You’d better choose those high end fabrics which are soft and elegant. You can also choose different fabrics according to your careers, your wearing styles, your figures and your own likes.
  • Fabric: the fabric should give you a solemn feeling. It can adopt the deep dark green color, purple red sauce color and some other dark colors, which can be used to sew senior velvet cheongsam.The knitted polyester fabric has a crisp, smooth and solemn feeling. And the price is much more appropriate. The flower shape is elegant. The Chinese dresses made of brocade, satin and other fabrics made are loved by those young and middle-aged women. This kind of dresses are cool and comfortable. The elegant dress which is made of pure silk looks more natural and beautiful.
  • Color:  for those young girls, the color of the Chinese dresses can be brighter. For example, you can choose dark red color. And the middle aged women can choose those fabrics with warm colors. For example, you can choose light green and light red color. While, those old women can choose dark purple Chinese dresses or those black ones to show the elegant and noble temperaments.
  • The measurement: when we choose Chinese dresses, we can choose them from the ages, figures, seasons and some other aspects. For those old ladies, they can choose those dark colored ones and the style should be loose, which can be used to show the gentleness. While for those middle aged ladies, they can choose those bright colored Chinese dresses. Or they can also choose those dresses with embroidered edges to show their charm. At last, those young girls can just choose those lively and fashionable styles to show the youth.

If you want to choose dresses according to the seasons, you should pay attention to the thickness of the dress. In spring and autumn, the weather is not so hot, you can choose those Chinese dresses made of wool or those thick polyester Chinese dresses, which can keep you warm and beautiful at the same time. However, in the beginning of summer, you can choose those half-sleeved Chinese dresses, which can be light and cool. At the same time, the price is cheap. In hot summer, you should choose those no sleeved Chinese dresses made of light floral cloth or silk. Because this kind of dress can be very cool.

You can also choose Chinese dresses in winter. In this season, those dresses made of cotton are very popular. The collar of the dress can be standing, which can make women be elegant and beautiful. But you should also choose the dress from your own figure shape. While, those women who have long necks can also choose those short necked Chinese dresses. The silt of the dress should be with the right length with your own stature. For those slender women, they can wear those Chinese dresses with big silt, which can make you more charming. If the silt is too small, it will make it hard for you to walk. While, if you are petite, you can choose those Chinese dresses with small silts. Only in this way can the whole match be harmonious. Therefore, when you choose Chinese dresses, you should try them on carefully.

Chinese Dresses

Chinese Dresses

The Collection of The Chinese Dresses
Brocade is not suitable for water washing, so it should be very careful when you dress it. Now most women like wearing Chinese dresses made of brocade fabric. In particular, you should also pay attention to oil, cola and lipstick. Because this kind of material is the most difficult one for you to clean. Even if you send it to dry cleaners, it may not be completely removed as well. So here I want to give you some recommendations:

  1. The Chinese dresses should not be worn for too long.
  2. In order not to damage the dress, you’d better pay attention to those hard objects.
  3. Don’t roll your sleeves, which will make you not so elegant.

The Washing and The Laundry of The Chinese Dresses

When you wear a new Chinese dress and stain it. You can iron the place with a wet cloth. This can not only clean the cheongsam, but it can also play the role of ironing.

The Collection of The Chinese Dresses
Before hanging in the closet, you should pay attention to the shoulder place.  if you do not wear the cheongsam, you can hang it with hangers (wide type). Remember to put some moth-proof products.

Four Suggestions to Wear Chinese Dresses

You should choose those knee length cheongsam, which is much lighter than those dresses with tea length. No matter you are tall or short, the beautiful shoes can be shown very well.

  1. The style of cheongsam is basically fixed. And the focus of  the whole clothing field is aligned with the fabric. It depends largely on the fabric. The purchase of some special shops at the silk counter, though it is a little expensive, it will not make you look like a countryside bride.
  2. You can also use a bun hairstyle, which can be very gentle. Those female with short hair can also try those high collared Chinese dresses. The modern aesthetics emphasizes the beauty of the collocation.
  3. The pearl necklaces and jade bracelets  can show us the strongest fashionable sparks.

    Chinese Dresses

    Chinese Dresses

Those are all what I want to tell you. If you have any other questions, you can just ask me.

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