To Be A Beauty in Summer – Cheongsam Can Help You

Introduction: The Chinese cheongsam culture has a long history, which was originated from the traditional Manchu women’s clothing. In the first half of the twentieth Century, cheongsam was improved by the Han women in the Republic of China. The government of the Republic of China identified cheongsam as one of the national dresses in 1929. After that, the Han women in Shanghai, Beiping and some other places improved such dresses on the basis of the cheongsam. So what had happened along with the development of the cheongsam culture? And what’s the trend of the cheongsam this summer?



Fabric: in most people’s minds, they may think silk and brocade are the best fabrics to make cheongsam. In fact, some of the modern popular fabrics can also be used to make cheongsam. The feel and appearance are very similar to those real silk. These modern popular fabrics have many advantages. For example, they can be cool in summer and there is no need for you to iron the dress after washing. The cheongsam which is made of this kind of fabric is suitable for the professional woman who live with a fast pace. In addition, pure cotton and bamboo charcoal are also commonly used fabrics in cheongsam.

Style: Cheongsam can be roughly divided into three kinds. They are evening dresses, leisure clothes and semi professional dresses.
There are so many styles of evening dresses, which can be the richest. Long cheongsam, Chinese style dress and strapless dresses with Chinese elements have gradually become the fashionable women’s favorite dresses at the banquet.

The fabric which is used to make leisure Chinese dresses is the most widely used. They use unstructured tailoring to make the cheongsam be more beautiful. This cheongsam meets the Chinese women’s requirements whose figures are not so thin.

The semi professional style is a mix of pants and skirts. This style is full of Chinese elements. These Chinese elements are all kinds of auspicious patterns, which are relatively famous in China.

Pattern: Cheongsam is no longer limited to auspicious patterns. Exquisite embroidery is the eternal theme. Noble dragon, auspicious phoenix, beautiful peony, plum chrysanthemum, auspicious clouds and some other classical elements, they have been skillfully applied to re design. The fresh pattern is more lively if the dress is on the young women. And the large pattern can be used to show the temperament of the lady. With the improvement of technology, digital printing has appeared. It is a cloth which is made specially for a cheongsam. You can choose this kind of dresses according to your own like. For example, if you like yellow color, you can choose one dress which uses yellow as the main color. Then the pattern can also be chosen according to yourself. Or you can just ask a designer to design one Chinese dress for you, though the price may be a little higher than the common dress.

Every woman who wants to wear a cheongsam can all have a try. To be beautiful is the right for every woman.

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