What’s The Differences Between Tang Suits And Cheongsams?

What are the differences between the Tang costumes and Cheongsams? Do you know the answer to this question? Tang clothes and the cheongsams are all the traditional clothes in our China. And they stand on the top positions of the world with their special characteristics. But these two clothes are totally different from each other. Most people feel confused about the differences. And the two kinds of dresses are totally different concepts. Many people do not know how to differ these two garments. So, actually what is the difference between the Tang costume and the cheongsam? Let me introduce them for you with some specific difference between Chinese dresses and the Tang costumes today!

Traditional Cheongsam

Traditional Cheongsam

The Chinese dress is one kind woman clothing which is full of ethnic feelings, and it is derived from the Manchu woman’s clothes. That is to say, the clothes have been evolved into the cheongsam. By 1920s, Chinese fashion trend had been affected by the western clothing, the cheongsam after the improvement is gradually popular among the majority of women. This kind of Chinese dress is the clothing which has absorbed the western style fashion details and they were derived from the Han clothing, and such dresses have gone through continuous improvements before entering the family. There are many different styles of cheongsams, just choose the example of cardigans, there are Ruyi collar, pipa lapel, surplice, double breasted and so on. While the necklines have even more categories, high neckline, low neckline, or no collar; And when it comes to the length of the sleeves, they can be divided into long sleeved Chinese dresses, short sleeved Chinese dresses and sleeveless Chinese dresses; And the slits of the dress can be divided into high slits, low slits. There are long Chinese dress, short Chinese dresses, clip cheongsams, single cheongsams and so on. Those improved cheongsams have almost become one of the standard Chinese women’s clothing at 1930s. And the word Tang costumes appear from the word Chinese. During the Tang Dynasty, China was at the most advanced level among the world.

Tang costume is the generic term for Chinese style clothing. And the Tang costume is the combination of traditional and modern goods. It absorbs the advantages of the rich cultural charm from the traditional clothing, and this brought the ancient costume re boarded on the fashion stage. Tang costumes have made many improvements. Those Tang costumes which are referred to in the mainland are basically the Chinese style clothes in Qing Dynasty. After the design of the dress, everyone gathered together to discuss to choose the name of the garment, finally they decided to rename the clothing or dresses as the Tang Costumes. This is mainly because of that those foreigners called Chinese residential area as Chinatown, so those clothes worn by the Chinese could naturally be called as the Tang costumes. The Tang costumes have two different significance and two kinds of different styles. One is the modified western cutting jacket. And the feature of this dress is the standing collar, the front lapel and the pankous. The name of Tang costume came from the foreigners, what means the clothing was worn by Chinese. And Tang costumes belong to the class of fashion. The second is referring to the style of Tang and Han clothing. The Tang costumes belong to the style of Han costume system, which can be characterized by the crossing collar, right lapel, tie, and the buckles. The representatives are the chest jacket skirts, Tang – Robe clothing and the crossing collar jacket skirt.

The cheongsam is derived from the Qizhuang from Manchu, and they are modified clothing. So, the cheongsams have inherited the essence of the Qizhuang of Manchu. And the Tang costume i is the Chinese clothing mainly for women in Han dynasty, even the Tang costumes now is ultimately the evolution from these dresses, and the essence as well as the characteristics have been still followed down. Thus, the essences of Tang clothes and cheongsams are different.

What is the difference between the Tang costume and the cheongsam? After reading the relevant introductions in the above paragraphs, presumably you will no longer be confused with it. Tang suit and cheongsams can be viewed as the treasure of Chinese culture and they can make no apology for enjoying supremacy both at home and abroad. And with the development of the fashion, more and more continuous improvement have been added to the modern fashion, which can bring a new look to our lives. If you want to know more about the Chinese dresses, you can just come to China and visit more and to know more about the traditional culture. When you totally fall in love with Chinese culture, you will find that there is no problem for you to distinguish the cheongsams and Tang Suits.

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